Over the years I’ve been volunteering for a number of organizations. Some of them I helped to create.

Nauka dla Przyrody (‘Science for Nature’) (2017-present)

“Nauka dla Przyrody” (NdP) was formed in December 2016 and I joined in two weeks later. It’s a grassroots collective of Polish scientist concerned about the environment and nature conservation in Poland. We aim at educating the public on the necessities of protecting nature and on the scientific basis of conservation efforts. Also, on several occasions, NdP coordinated engagement of scientist in the public debate in Poland. NdP is a network of Polish researchers from across most important Polish institutions doing ecology and conservation sciences.

Using my experience from ‘Obywatele Nauki’ I coordinate the on-line presence of NdP, I write texts, review contributions to NdP web service.

Obywatele Nauki (‘Citizens of Academia’) (2012-2018)

After coming back from my Ph.D. studies in the UK I joined a group of scholars, both, with natural science and humanities background interested in improving academic research and higher education in Poland. In September 2012 we launched a grassroots organization aiming at triggering a debate on the state of academia Poland, bridging divisions in Polish academia and lobbing for reforms improving higher education and state-funded research.

For all that time, I was responsible for ON’s on-line presence running its social media and the web page. I am one of the named contributors to the ‘Pact for Academia’: a 100+ page document laying out the road map for the improvements we wished to achieve.